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          Welcome! Bellwether Strategies is a strategic planning and management consultancy based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

          Bellwether Strategies helps lawyers, accountants and health care professionals build strong organizations and stellar reputations based on the integrity of their culture, the value of their work and the quality of their relationships.

          If you’re facing unprecedented and accelerated challenges to business as usual (as most firms are), you need strategies that do more than move your firm ahead; you need strategies that help your firm stay ahead.

          In other words, you need Bellwether Strategies.


          Bellwether Strategies provides strategic planning, communications?and training services to clients ranging from?multi-national law firms to health care professionals to regional?accounting firms, nonprofits, professional associations and sole practitioners just starting out.


          Strategic planning

          Meeting facilitation

          Research and analysis

          Reputation management

          Pricing strategy

          Market differentiation

          Organizational change


          Project management

          Change management

          Service blueprinting

          Process improvement

          Performance assessment

          Client-relationship management

          Practice group and team plans


          Internal communications

          Stakeholder surveys/analysis

          Client surveys/analysis

          Resumes and social media profiles

          Writing and editing

          Brand-based guidelines and templates


          Professional development programming


          Workshops & Seminars

          Retreat presentations

          Delegation coaching

          Legal Project Management coaching

          If you are looking for someone to help you build your professional practice, I can’t recommend Natasha highly enough. She’ll help you build your practice in a way that is customized to your goals and your skill sets. I know because she did it for us; our volume of work has doubled since we started working with her.
          Our lawyers and staff benefit tremendously from Natasha’s expertise. She’s helped us build the skills they don’t teach in law school – practice strategy, marketing, communication. And we really appreciate her common-sense approach!

          Natasha has the uncanny ability to draw the best out of people in strategic sessions by creating a non-threatening environment.

          I have never worked with anyone who was as successful as Natasha is in bringing new teams together to achieve positive and measurable results. She guided our executive through a process of mutual collaboration, challenging each individual to rise to her full potential to make meaningful contributions. Our board was a joy to work with because realistic goals were set at the outset of our term and we had 100% buy-in as a team from the start.

          I truly value and respect Natasha’s advice – she has been both a mentor and new friend throughout the process. Her follow up throughout the year shows that she really cares to ensure that goals are met. I would highly recommend Natasha as a strategic consultant to any company.

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